Teenage Counseling Services on Ways to Help Your Teen Right Now

At our Santa Clarita location, we’re able to help teens in a lot of ways. Through safe socializing, therapy, teenage counseling services, life skills development, and more, we can assist them with mental health issues, alcohol problems, drug problems, and more. That said, we do plenty to help their parents, too. It’s impossible to overstate how important the family is to the development and growth of a teenager. At Insight, we have all kinds of methods of educating parents. There are also some steps you can take at home that can pay dividends, too. 


Make it OK to Talk about Mental Health 


It’s not always easy to talk to your teenager, to say the least. However, it can be greatly beneficial to let them know that it’s all right to talk about any issues they might be having with their mental health. Too many have grown up in households where such discussions could never occur. Or, alternatively, there was no safe environment for which they could occur in. Even during the difficulties, letting your teenager know that they can approach you with mental health issues increases the possibility that they will reach out. Consequently, making sure they understand that they won’t be met with judgement can help, too.

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Let Them Know It’s All Right to Ask for Help 


It can be hard for anyone to ask for help. Paradoxically, in some cases, the most successful, seemingly happy teenagers can find it challenging to ask for help with mental health issues. Let them know that many people have mental health concerns, that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, make it clear that help is possible, that they can be improved. To use an analogy that may have found success with, just as players on a team have a coach or someone that was trying to get into better shape may have a personal trainer, so too may someone with mental health issues seek out treatment. Fostering this kind of attitude can help teens that are dealing with mental health issues to take that all-important yet incredibly difficult step of reaching out. 


Plan for Safe Socializing 


As of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic continues. That means that teens (as well as their families) have to be as careful as possible. While there are studies that teens may be less susceptible to getting very sick than other age demographics, they have to be wary when they’re living at home. At our Santa Clarita facility, teens can socialize in a safe, socially-distanced way. That way, they can enjoy the company of others while staying safe. 


Teenager Counseling Services in Santa Clarita 


If your teen needs help, we’re here. In fact, we’re always here. You can come to our safe Santa Clarita facility and our staff will be more than happy to help your teen to heal, recover, and grow. Should you be better served by virtual, online Zoom sessions, we can accommodate you there as well. To start the process: (661) 765-8445.