Working Through The Trauma Of The Pandemic With Insight Treatment

COVID-19. Not only has this worldwide pandemic taken many lives, it has changed the way the world works. After what has been a traumatic experience for many, many people, Insight Treatment Center for teens wants to help families recover.

Insight Teen Hour – Weekly Radio Show

Insight Teen Hour is a weekly radio show on KHTS Hometown Station, this week hosted by Santa Clarita’s own clinical director of Insight Treatment’s outpatient treatment center for teens and their families, Karissa Provost.
Guest speaker, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified clinical trauma professional, Leisha Borja discussed how the pandemic has affected teens and families.
This unexpected pandemic has undoubtedly changed every single one of our lives. Between schools and events shutting down, whole careers transitioning to working at home, and even losing family members and loved ones to the virus, COVID-19 has been inarguably traumatic for some people.
Many people experienced sudden deaths, job loss, and new financial struggles, not to mention losing coping mechanisms and the isolation that came from attempts to protect the community. All of these could be categorized as traumatic incidents, leaving a lasting impact.
Borja and Provost alike recognize the rise in depression and anxiety they have seen since the start of the pandemic, especially in teens. Anxiety about safety, isolation, and even anxiety associated with reconnecting with society and going back to school have been increasing.
At Insight treatment center, the licensed and compassionate professionals are ready and want to help teens and their families work through all of these complex and new emotions and experiences.

Local Santa Clarita Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center

Insight Treatment Center is an intensive outpatient treatment center for teens and their families battling mental health issues, addiction, and more. A place centered on healing in the whole family and the creation of a community focused on healing together, Insight Treatment and their team want to help guide families to reconciliation and connection.
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