Windy Dolphin Safari October 8, 2021

Dolphin Safari Oct 8

Thank you so much to everyone that join the Dolphin Safari of October 8th. We had such a great time getting to meet all the professionals who joined our event. If you work in the mental health field and haven’t been in a Dolphin Safari…I invite you to

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The Importance of Mental Health Webinar

The Importance of Mental Health Event

Insight Santa Clarita hosted a mental health webinar for Golden Valley High School on Friday, September 27th. Insight Alumna, Kara Long, presented her life story and spoke about ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues in teens. Interested in collaborating with us? Contact our School Outreach Coordinator, Christian

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Catalina Island Summer Trip 2021


Insight Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Modesto, El Segundo, and Van Nuys went to Catalina Island this month for a weekend of camping and outdoor fun! The kids spent time bonding over campfires and kayaks-soaking up the end of the summer with amazing surroundings and integrating aspects of therapy and

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She Became and Insight Modesto Collaborate

She Became and Insight Modesto collaborate

She Became is offering a program called Project Connect 209 that is deeply rooted in teaching the importance of building healthy relationships and recognizing the signs of unhealthy relationships. This ranges from learning to love yourself, to maintaining healthy relationships with peers and family and setting boundaries.  

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Insight’s Annual Softball Game

Annual Softball Game

Insight Treatment Programs hosted the World Series of Recovery, an annual softball game with Ascend and A Light of Hope for families and staff. Therapists, counselors, and teens at each facility joined us for a day of food, fun, games, and a guest speaker on Saturday, July 24th.

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Dolphin Safari – July 2021 Video


Here is a video from our most recent Dolphin Safari with Aspire Counseling Services! Everyone had a great time dolphin and whale watching in Santa Monica Bay while networking and creating new relationships out on the ocean with other professionals.     To RSVP to our next Dolphin

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