Insight Los Angeles Weekly AAA Meeting

Insight Los Angeles Weekly AA Meeting
Typically, when teens are in treatment they go to AA, NA, CA, or other 12-step meetings. At these meeting it can be hard to find people around their age who struggle with some of their same issues. We believe it is really important for teens to find meeting where they relate and can feel apart of and that is why we started our own meeting.
Some of the issues that come up when they go to most meetings is that they can’t relate to an older crowd who might of had a lower bottom than them, many teens in treatment have never used drugs or just started to experiment, and lastly, parents can be hesitant to send their child to meeting full of adults they don’t know. For these reasons we started this meeting so that we don’t have to take the teens to any unfamiliar places.

Every Saturday at Insight Los Angeles Van Nuys Facility we have a speaker meeting, coffee, and snacks for our teens. It’s a “Teen Specific All A” meeting where other treatment centers bring their teens as well and are growing in numbers. The speaker and the secretary come to our creative warehouse space and we have a meeting here so you don’t have to worry!

Come join us Saturday’s at 7:30pm!
Every Saturday
Meeting 7:30AM – 8:30AM

Insight Treatment – Van Nuys facility