Teen Support Groups For Your Child

When your child scraped their knee on the ground or let go of your hand and ran, your momma bear or papa bear instincts probably kicked in to full gear to make sure they were safe. And they probably do whenever you sense danger around your child. As parents, we want to protect our kids as much as possible. But, as they grow into their teenage years and become more independent, there is more that is out of our control. Even though we wish we could prevent our children from feeling anything but happy, it is unrealistic. So, a healthy way to help guide your kid through life’s difficulties is by recommending therapy and finding teen support groups for your child


What Is A Teen Support Group?

Teen group therapy is a safe place for teens and young adults to talk about the issues they are dealing with and may be afraid to discuss with their parents. A group may consist of a handful or less teens, or a larger group, that meet regularly. The group may follow a traditional format like adult support groups where each member will sit in a circle to discuss what is going on in their lives. Or a therapist may integrate experiential therapy activities like group therapy, game therapy, music therapy, horticulture therapy, and more to their counseling program. Depending on the facilitator, the teens will be introduced to different modalities for healing such as CBT, DBT, integrative therapy, and expressive arts. In group therapy, kids will learn coping skills they can use within the space and outside in their daily lives. Some therapists will assign members homework to review in the group for their next session.

teen support groups for your child


What Is Treated?

Teen support groups for your child can range from a general teen group to a specific issue group such as social anxiety, depression, drug rehab for teens, trans identity group, and countless others. Within a general group, mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, stress management, anger management, and peer relationships can be discussed and worked through.


Why Choose A Teen Support Group For Your Child?

By the time a child reaches their teenage years, they begin to shift their perspective on role models. And because teens become more influenced by their peers, having your teen around other teens in a group therapy setting can increase the likelihood of them improving their coping skills and wellbeing. A teen may also be more willing to open up to their fellow members, in ways they may not in an individual therapy session, because a hierarchical structure may not be perceived. Teen group therapy can help kids feel as though they are not alone as they can identify with other members and can promote accountability for the individual and the group, creating self-awareness and support for others.


Where To Go In Los Angeles?

Insight Treatment Center specializes in mental health services for teenagers and offers a comprehensive treatment plan, including group therapy. To get more information call (888) 295-9995.