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The Inside Scoop on Our Dual-Diagnosis Program

Dual-Diagnosis Program

Picture this: you’re trying to solve a riddle, but instead of one hidden meaning, there are two, intertwined so closely that they seem to be one. Well, that’s pretty much what dual diagnosis is like and believe us, in the world of adolescent mental health, it’s a term

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Transforming Lives In Pasadena at Insight Treatment Center

pasadena mental health center

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly demanding world, teenagers, as well as parents,  are facing a wide range of mental health issues that have a tremendous impact on their well-being. From anxiety disorders and depression  to substance addiction and behavioral issues, the demand for specialized mental health services for

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Debunking Myths – Is Teen Rehab Safe?

rehab for teens

Teen drug abuse and dependency have become significant concerns in the United States. As  parents and caregivers, it’s natural to be worried about the well-being and safety of our teenagers. When it comes to seeking help for teens struggling with substance abuse or mental  health issues, one common

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Insight Treatment Hour – Brainspotting Treatments

Insight Treatment FAQ

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, host Frederik Schulin introduces Katie Plumb – Clinical Social Worker/Therapist – to discuss the services she provides for both her private practice and “Alternative Options” Counseling Center, specifically- Brainspotting. Katie opens up the show by discussing the subject of trauma work

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Empowering Teens through Holistic Therapy at Insight Treatment

teen rehab

In a world where teenagers face numerous challenges, their mental health is of paramount importance. Teen anxiety, depression, and drug abuse have become increasingly prevalent, calling for effective treatment approaches that address the root causes of these issues. At Insight Treatment, we understand the significance of teen rehab

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