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Insight Treatment – Teen Suicide How To Help

Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is unfathomable, yet it is disturbingly common in the US. In fact, the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in deaths and attempts, making it a crisis. Learn about teen suicide so you can become informed and keep it from happening in your home. Stats

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Insight Treatment Hour – Jennifer Campoy, LCSW, Therapist

insight treatment

Link to video click here    Insight Treatment Hour On this episode of the Insight Treatment Hour, Jennifer Campoy, LCSW, Therapist, joins Frederik Schulin, Owner of Insight Treatment. “I see people who are struggling with mood conditions of all kinds, such as depression, anxiety, reactions from past trauma, intimacy & relationship

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Insight Treatment – Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Your teen has completed their residential or outpatient treatment program. Proud, optimistic, happy, determined, nervous, worried–these feelings flood your mind. It took a village to help them get so far and now they are on their own, somewhat. Know that the path of sobriety is a lifetime process

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Teen Support Groups that Provide Actual Support

teen support groups

Have you been looking for a treatment program for your teenager, but none of it seems like something for a teenager? Does it seem like every option for teenage substance abuse treatment was actually designed for a forty-year-old with a mortgage? Honestly, one of the major reasons that

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