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How to Help Your Teen Cope With Loss

teen support groups

The loss of a loved one never gets easy. Depending on how it happened, if it was anticipated, and the relationship to the deceased, the magnitude of our grieving can vary. But each death is different in itself, and there is no predicting how we will process something

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Foods to Avoid During Recovery

drug rehab for teens

What we put into our bodies affects how we feel. For someone that is going through drug rehab, the need to treat the body well is even higher because the body needs to safely and properly detoxify. If you have a child in teen rehab, you can help

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Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

It is not unusual for someone with an addiction to be suffering from one or multiple mental illnesses too. Sometimes misdiagnosed or overlooked, people work through their addictions without addressing the underlying disorders or symptoms that provoke the yearning to fuel the addiction, relapsing and restarting the cycle.

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Managing Addiction During Coronavirus

Teen Substance Abuse

Being a caregiver of a child with a substance abuse problem on any given day is difficult but during the Coronavirus era, it is perplexing–everything is new territory. As we all adjust to life adhering to social isolation or social distancing, we are being challenged to maintain a

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Home Activities to Do With Your Teen

teen drug rehab

A teen with a substance abuse problem needs to feel supported in all areas of their life. While a teen drug rehab will provide them with many tools and help from medical and mental health professionals, having an enriching and safe environment at home can encourage personal growth.

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