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Debunking Myths – Is Teen Rehab Safe?

rehab for teens

Teen drug abuse and dependency have become significant concerns in the United States. As  parents and caregivers, it’s natural to be worried about the well-being and safety of our teenagers. When it comes to seeking help for teens struggling with substance abuse or mental  health issues, one common

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Insight Treatment Hour – Brainspotting Treatments

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On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, host Frederik Schulin introduces Katie Plumb – Clinical Social Worker/Therapist – to discuss the services she provides for both her private practice and “Alternative Options” Counseling Center, specifically- Brainspotting. Katie opens up the show by discussing the subject of trauma work

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Empowering Teens through Holistic Therapy at Insight Treatment

teen rehab

In a world where teenagers face numerous challenges, their mental health is of paramount importance. Teen anxiety, depression, and drug abuse have become increasingly prevalent, calling for effective treatment approaches that address the root causes of these issues. At Insight Treatment, we understand the significance of teen rehab

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Exploring the Benefits of Teen Rehab

Teen Rehab

The teenage years can be challenging for anyone. It is, generally speaking, a time of upheaval for most people. Dealing with physical changes, social changes, and coming into your own as an adult is no minor shift. In the modern landscape, teenagers are faced with significant pressures that

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The Facts About Counseling Depressed Teenagers

Counseling Depressed Teenagers

In recent years, mental health has been more centered in society. Inarguably, this is a net positive for us all. For too long, the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders has prevented struggling individuals from seeking the care they need. This has been especially true

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Seeking Counseling for Teenage Anxiety

Counseling for Teenage Anxiety

Teenagers being susceptible to pressure is not a new phenomenon. Every generation of adolescents faces similar issues. Between changing bodies, social expectations, and academic concerns, the years between 13 and 19 can be tough for everyone. In the modern era, though, there are new challenges that past teens

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The Benefits of Counseling for Teenagers

Counseling for Teenagers

As a parent, your mission is to do whatever you can to foster the positive emotional and mental development of your child. This starts from the moment they are born, as you provide them with a nurturing and loving environment in which they can grow and thrive. As

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