Insight Treatment Hour – EMDR Therapy – September 13, 2021

Insight Treatment Hour In Santa Clarita Features Discussion With Chelsea Reid and Karen Malbon On EMDR

On KHTS’s Insight Treatment Hour, two Santa Clarita therapists discuss the virtues of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy with teens suffering from mental illness. Santa Clarita Valley therapists Chelsea Reid and Karen Malbon from discuss their experiences using EMDR with teens and parents. “EMDR can be used to help people have more freedom and more healing in terms of the traumatic experience that they face,” Malbon said. “So it kind of goes to the root of the problem versus just coping with the problem.”


The two therapists also described the effects on different types of childhood trauma on teen mental health issues, as well as how trauma works differently for different people. “EMDR, I have found since I started using it about three years ago, is an incredible tool for a wide variety of uses for clients,” Malbon said. “Sometimes…something might not seem traumatic to other people, but what really matters with trauma is how you internalize the effect, how it affects you.”


Malbon and Reid go on to describe how traumas are not necessarily related to things like death or abuse, how they can also be smaller events such as bad relationships with parents or teachers. The use of EMDR, according to the two therapists, is something that is becoming more widely seen as beneficial as compared to other forms of talk therapy.”


“It’s just marvelous to see what EMDR can do in such a little amount of time, too,” Reid said. “You know you have talk therapy where you might be in psychoanalytic therapy or just straight talk therapy for years, and not really experience a lot of results.”
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