Find the Right Teen Treatment for Self Harming Behaviors

Self-harm is a serious disorder in the teenage years where the child will start to harm their own body. Sometimes, self-harm will leave the child with permanent scars, and there may also be underlying psychiatric problems which lead to deeper cuts as well as more serious muscle and nerve damage. If you are concerned that your child has started to self-harm, or they are exhibiting behavior such as cutting, burning themselves, pulling hair, causing bruises or broken bones or even punching themselves or walls, then you may need to search around for the right place to provide your teen with treatment for self harming behaviors.

What Do Self-Harm Mean?

Parents are so shocked and surprised to learn that their teen is self harming that they forget to ask questions about what this might mean. There are several reasons why the child might be cutting themselves, most obviously because they are feeling some sort of emotional pain or stress. Cutting is a means to relieve that problem, and it may be combined with issues such as poor self esteem, abuse, addiction or eating disorders. It may also be as simple as just not feeling loved our appreciated in the family. If your teenager has a tendency to bottle up their feelings, and not express themselves, then they may turn to self-harm as their only form of relief.

teen treatment for self harming behavior

Finding Other Ways to Express Unhappiness

The most important thing that you as a parent can do is to find assistance for your child as soon as possible. Cutting is a serious, serious disorder and may lead to more serious self-harm in the future. By coming to Insight Treatment, you can help your child to get the treatment that they need, and learn new ways to deal with their problems. Finding a way out can be the only solution to self-harm, so treatment is a must.

Where Do I Find Treatment?

If you are looking for assistance with a child who self-harm, then you need a facility that specializes in teen treatment for self harming behaviors. We are experts in a number of issues which develop in the teenage years, including self-harm and addiction. Your child will need immediate counseling, and may benefit from our outpatient services. We can teach your teenager to cope with their problems in a more constructive manner, giving them new hope. To find assistance today, call us on (800)599-8820 now.